"May it please the court: Who the hell orders a salad at Pizza Hut?"

"It's not Salad Hut!"
(screengrab via Pizza Hut)

This week, a man successfully sued Pizza Hut for putting an "excessivley hard crouton" in his salad. Though ordering anything except pizza at Pizza Hut should make the case dismissible on the grounds that the plaintiff is clearly psychotic, Everett Charttman was awarded $2,400 after claiming the small piece of bread broke his dentures.

When that woman spilled McDonald's coffee on herself, she was rightfully awarded a lot of money. She injured her skin badly, and it was mostly the business at fault. But this guy becoming part of the upper crust (so to speak) all because he broke a FAKE tooth? And with a small piece of bread that can only be defined as a crouton by the fact that it's hard? Give me a break. I know we're all becoming soft people (partly because of how much dough from Pizza Hut we consume), but this was half-baked. If you really want to make some money off salad-related injuries, pretend you slipped on some spinach on the way to the bathroom. That's where the real money is.