What’s it like to be kissed by a unicorn? Magical, we imagine. Wonder no more, because Polar Seltzer water has unveiled a new line of flavors, including the return of the fan-favorite called Unicorn Kisses.

Polar released a line of "Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer" with some amazing names: the previously mentioned Unicorn Kisses is joined by Mermaid Songs, Dragon Whispers and Yeti Mischief.

The new flavors come in eight-ounce junior can six packs and will only be available for a limited time while supplies last. Given the limited nature and the amazing flavors, people are freaking out trying to locate them and stocking up like mad.


Got em all! So excited! #obsessed #impossiblygood #polarseltzer

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So, what do these mystical seltzer flavors taste like? Boston Magazine explains that Yeti Mischief "tastes just like Hawaiian Punch...only not so sweet. And tangy. And also citrusy." Dragon Whispers "reveals notes of strawberry, and perhaps some tropical fruits. Pineapple, maybe?" And Mermaid Songs "smells and tastes like a cross between Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish."

The Unicorn Kisses flavor was available last year and is making its return yet again. Boston Magazine explains that they're taste testers described it differently, with hints of bubble gum, gummy bears, cotton candy, green apple Jolly Ranchers, vanilla, and even a cucumber melon soap.