12 people share the small things at restaurants that infuriate them. Damn you, sticky menu!

12 people share the small things at restaurants that infuriate them. Damn you, sticky menu!

Going out to eat can be wonderful. First off, you're not doing the cooking, and for people who don't like to cook, like me (please don't tell me again how easy and pleasurable cooking can be), it's a treat. But sometimes our dining experiences aren't what we expected. And it's not always because the food is bad or the waitstaff rude, it's the small annoyances that can really tick you off.

1. TurkeyDinner547's complaint also easily applies to bars.

When the music is so loud I have to shout at my partner just to have conversation.

2. Prefix_memory can handle the condiments just fine, thank you.

I just want control over the pepper grinder, instead of having someone come and pepper my food for me. I won't fuck it up if I do it myself, honestly.

3. Fireflyingly's gripe is so common and so gross.

When there's a wet rag smell on the tables.

4. Zebrashirt doesn't want to literally rub elbows.

When the tables are incredibly close together. My boyfriend and I will go somewhere else if we have to be seated at a two top that's nearly touching elbows with the other table.

5. Zmetz hates when they make it too hard to pay. Do they want us to dine and dash?

Waiting a long time for the bill. I just want to pay and leave.


6. EthanBubblegumTate's biggest bugbear is butter.

Cold, impossible to spread butter.

7. Boondoggie42 just wants a stable table.

a wobbly table.

8. TheBlindGuardian's complaint is one that probably doesn't arise too often, but when it does — awkward.

Went to a restaurant with booth seating and the table was just a bit too far from the benches. I barely remember the quality of the food because I just remember being annoyed at how awkward it was eating there.

9. Walzdeep's problem is a particularly annoying one.

No fucking PRICES on the MENU


10. Epic_taco_time nailed it. That is so not okay.

When the menus are slightly sticky.

11. Krcook510 hates a tiny table.

When there's so much stuff on the table that you don't have room for your plate comfortably. I don't need a dessert menu, drink menu, regular menu, basket of bread, salt and pepper, condiments, menu of the days specials, silverware, candles, what ever else on a two person table. I can't move.

12. Shifty_coder can't stand that one person. You know this person.

When someone in your party has to complain about everything, and additionally make everyone else feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

I get that you expect to have a good experience when you go to a restaurant, but if you have poor service or an issue with the food you ordered, be polite and patient about it. You’ll get a better outcome from the staff when they try to fix it.