Ladies, it's not easy being us. We don't get paid as much, we're held to high beauty standards, we're expected to "have it all." But are we also getting smaller meals than our male counterparts without realizing it? Do people unconsciously fill our sandwiches with less delicious goodness? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?!

A recent episode of the Sporkful podcast sought to answer an interesting : does "sandwich sexism" exist?

In a previous episode of the podcast, food critic Mimi Sheraton told the story of the time she packed 104 pastrami sandwiches into her car, taking them to a scale in order to figure out which Jewish deli gave you the biggest sandwich for your money.


After hearing Sheraton's anecdote, a Sporkful listener by the name of Bill in San Clemente called in to pose an interesting question: Do sandwich places make smaller sandwiches for women than they do for men?

An interesting question. Sexism is all over the place in our society, but would it dare infiltrate our lunches? Sandwiches are so delicious, so pure. They couldn't possibly be contributing to the patriarchy, could they?

Sporkful host Dan Pashman set out to settle the question once and for all. He enlisted his friend Laura to go with him to several different sandwich shops around New York City. At each location, the two of them separately ordered the exact same sandwich.


They talked to the people who made their sandwiches about whether or not they ever take gender into account when they're making food for people.

You can listen to the whole episode of the podcast here:

Once Dan and Laura had all their sandwiches, they brought them back to the WNYC offices and weighed them on the scale in the mailroom.

Their findings? Three out of the four sandwiches were actually made bigger for Laura than they were for Dan. (Granted, four sandwiches is a teeny-tiny sample size, but hey. We can't all be scientists.)


I must say, this Sporkful episode gave me hope. I was fully expecting Laura to get a bunch of puny "lady-sized" sandwiches. Sure, we still don't have equal pay, but at least we are equal in subs.

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