A new study says that if you're an angry a-hole after you've had a few drinks, it might not be all your fault. Cool, just what alcoholics need, more excuses. The study, conducted in Finland, found people with a genetic mutation called HTR2B Q20 were more prone to angry drunken outbursts. Those without the gene were happy drunks, but probably still pretty annoying to be around. 

Dr. Rope Tikkanen, author of the study, says it's all about how the brain processes alcohol. Those who carry the HTR2B Q20 gene still have their inhibitions lowered, but they don't get as much of the feel-good chemical dopamine released in their brains when they drink. The research is unclear about what external factors cause drunken angry behavior. The amount of booze needed to “flip the switch” from chill bro to total prick varies from person to person as well.

Sources: Elite Daily