"Welcome to Mimi's Cafe! My 12,000,000 siblings and I will be your servers!"

In a post entitled "Working at Mimi's Cafe, Columbia MD is just gross," an anonymous former employee of the Mimi's Cafe chain uploaded an album of appetite-ruining photos of their recent place of business (the photos are a few weeks old, but the author says its doubtful anything has changed). In comments, the employee (who said "I felt guilty just having been an employee there") adds that their juice cups are caked with old pulp, although no one can tell because when they are filled with OJ, customers just assume that pulp is new.

While some commenters were concerned about the fate of the restaurant's employees (but not the manager) after the post reached the front page of reddit, it should be noted that this is a company-operated (not franchise) chain, so problems like this are really answerable by the entire corporation. I'd say I'm going to stop eating at Mimi's Cafe, but it would be more honest to say I'm never going to start.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor Hinter75