The aptly named Journal of Emergency Medicine details the terrifying case of a man who ate a ghost pepper and spent the next 23 days in the hospital after rupturing his esophagus.

His plight is much more extreme than the final minute of any Carolina Reaper challenge video, although the ghost pepper is actually much tamer than the Carolina Reaper.

But the ladies in the video above did not end up with a "2.5-cm tear in the distal esophagus." The patient in the Journal's report suffered from Boerhaave syndrome, according to the Huffington Post, also known as spontaneous esophageal rupture. Also known as an "inch-wide hole in his throat." Also known as sweet god no.


And while you expect pain when you enter a contest to eat a hamburger garnished with ghost pepper puree, you don't expect to spend nearly a month in the hospital.

As you can imagine, the hamburger consumption was followed by "retching and vomiting," a trip to the hospital, and likely severe regret.

Whereas for most people, it just results in millions of YouTube views.