Starbucks just won a lawsuit against a designer who had the audacity, it's true, to design a bong that looks like a Frappuccino.

The pipe has a long green straw (check), a domed top (check), and a mermaid logo (check). The mermaid's crown is replaced with a pot leaf. Nice.

In case that was too subtle for you, it's also called the "Dabuccino."

Despite the seemingly clear cut case of "trademark dilution, trademark infringement, and copyright infringement," Starbucks actually won the case by default when the artist, James Landgraf, didn't appear in court.

He now owes the coffee giant $410,580 in damages and attorneys' fees.

The case was also leveled at the bong's retailer, Hitman Glass, and the case will continue against that defendant.

Said Starbucks: "We are pleased with the court's decision.... We have an obligation to protect our intellectual property from infringement in order to retain our exclusive rights to it."


Translated, that amounts to "just smoke out of a dragon bong like a respectable pothead and leave our tasty frozen drinks out of it."