Planning a perfect fast food binge takes precision. You have to pace yourself so you can properly ingest and appreciate the food, and must not alert loved ones to your intentions so they don't attempt to intervene.

Twitterer @DecentBirthday introduced a lifehack for the ultimate Taco Bell party that enables laziness and assures you have enough for a feast without people catching on.

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Like Shaq, minus all the moving.

First he texted Mom.


Then Dad.

Then Brother.


And they all delivered on their promises, delivering the ultimate party.

It's a scheme so simple, it's brilliant.

Twitter was in awe.


Some people have been roped into similar stunts.

And others were jealous of how easy it was.

Pro tip: Don't mass text the family like a rookie. The extra effort it takes to type the message is worth it for the extra tacos.