The Mexican chain has begun online and mobile ordering in 67 cities.

The dream is real. You can eat this in your cubicle. (Getty)

Gone are the days when ordering in meant you had to settle for any restaurant except Chipotle. From now on, the guac is coming to you. Chipotle has teamed up with Postmates, the same third-party deliverer that Starbucks is working with, to offer full deliver service for its entire menu. This means that as of now, Chipotle delivery is available in all 67 cities where Postmates operates.

This isn't just great news for anyone too busy to pick up their own tacos, it's also potentially life-changing for people who love pinto beans but have a crippling phobia of stainless steel and plywood decor. You can eat burrito bowls every day, and never again have to stand in line describing your meal to four different employees.

Sources: Nation's Restaurant News