The KFSadness Bowl of doughnuts. (via)

I know what you're thinking: you could really go for a doughnut, but you're not really in the mood for something sweet. Right? Why has nobody ever thought to make a savory doughnut? Or, better yet, a spicy doughnut! So weird. You'd think somebody would do that, because it sounds like such an amazingly un-terrible idea that would never make anybody vomit into their takeout paper bag.

Oh, wait. What's this over here?

What a coincidence! Hot sauce-flavored pastries from Burger King's new Canadian acquisition, Tim Horton's! Finally! And they're meat free! 'Cause if these "Buffalo Crunch" doughnuts—as found at the New York State Fair—had meat in them, that would be gross, right?

What if you love weird-tasting desserts, but don't have the palate for spicy cuisine? Does Tim Horton's have an option for you? Of course they do: 

 (by Dennis DiClaudio)


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