The pizza place has since installed caller ID so they can ignore anything from "Phone Home."

First, the facts: the $1,493.93 bill refers to 85 pizzas, ordered for delivery. Now, you might say, 85 pizzas is not a restaurant meal for a huge group people, so normal tip rules don't apply. Sure! We're not monsters. But now imagine boxing, heat wrapping, and loading 85 pizzas into a truck (or worse, making multiple trips), driving to wherever and then carrying them all into the house, possibly up several flights of stairs. If you only tipped $0.50 per pizza, it would still be $42.50. This person tipped less than 12 cents per pizza, as in, "you'd have to travel back in time several decades to buy a pack of Wrigley's with less than 12 cents." Looks like Phone has some answering to do.

Sources: Redditor Jfastman