Nabisco took on the Herculean task of making Oreos seem fancy.

Why does this feel like it's a phone commercial? (via Oreo)

We all know that Oreo has no shame when it comes to inventing new products. This time, however, their cookie scientists decided to turn things down a notch and focus on fundamentals. As opposed to tweaking regular Oreos, they created an entirely new type of Oreo, which has been christened the "Oreo Thin."

It's like an Oreo...but thinner. (via Oreo)

Even though it seems like a health initiative, Oreo has stated that it's more about making Oreo a "grown-up treat" that you can eat with a cup of tea or serve at a fancy dinner party. Instead of giving the regular Oreo a monocle or teaching it to speak in a British accent, they've slimmed it down to look more elegant but have also ensured that it has the same "creme to cookie ratio." Is this a new era for Oreo? Or is this going to be a failed attempt at marketing a children's products for adults? I feel like the Mitch Hedberg quote, "Fettuccine alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults" applies here. Oreo also has way too much faith in that idea that adults are afraid to buy regular Oreos. Or maybe that's just me...

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