Merry Christmas, people who like hot dogs buns covered in garlic salt.

My pancreas hurts. (Via Associated Press)

Like many other chain restaurants, revenues have been down for a while at the Olive Garden. Because there are now so many other places for a college freshman's parents to take them out to dinner when they're visiting, the O.G. is planning to turn things around by luring people in for lunch. So that means sandwiches. Sandwiches made from their addictive, carb-bomb breadsticks.

See also: A man has eaten 95 meals at Olive Garden in 6 weeks and is still alive to tell about it.

Beginning in June, Olive Garden will make for you what you invented while depressed and/or stoned and shove a chicken parmigiana patty or a bunch of meatballs into an Olive Garden breadstick. Well, sort of. They'll be using slightly wider, slightly shorter hoagie buns made from the same recipe used for the breadsticks.

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