Italian grandmothers are great at three things: making food, swearing, and swearing at food made by a chain restaurant.

When you're here, you're family. And one of the things that family members do is give honest feedback to other family members when they suck. Thus, these Italian grandmothers have a lot to say about the food from Olive Garden, from constructive criticism like "just a little more salt on top" to the less-helpful "it looks like a skinny dick to me." (At least that comment was about a breadstick.)

It's delightful to watch these ladies get offended by the food, but I also love that BuzzFeed didn't just make this a negative video. Instead, they included grandmothers who legitimately loved the Olive Garden eats. Even though I'm not a big fan of most chain restaurants, I appreciate that this wasn't just one of those "Haha! Look at us shitting on this shitty thing!" videos.

Sources: BuzzFeed