If the only reason you're going to that one gastropub is because of "OMG THE DIPPING SAUCES," you need to STOP.

"Weeeee love fry sauuuuuuuuce." No, you love mayo. Shut up. (via Thinkstock)

You guys, there are many delicious dipping sauces in the world. Sometimes restaurants will get five-star reviews just because of their panoply of dipping sauces. I'm not going to say these restaurant sauces aren't delicious, but I am going to say that if the only reason you're going to that overpriced, otherwise-mediocre burger place is because of their fry sauces, that's dumb. Most restaurant dipping sauces are super easy to make: you just put a bunch of things that taste good in a blender. And while you'll have your occasional Thai peanut sauce or whatever, the majority of the sauces you'll see have one of two bases: mayo or ketchup. Learn how to make them, and you can wow your friends like you're a goddamn food magician.