A restaurant in Bristol called The Old Butcher's rolled with the punches after receiving a particularly bad review on the travel site, TripAdvisor. In fact, they "took the piss" (as the English say) by naming a cocktail in honor of the fellow who wrote it.

The review, which gave the place just one star (probably because he couldn't give zero) was titled "Poncey, too bright, uncomfortable furniture.....":

Heard about this new place and thought I'd pop in for a drink, so, it's an old butchers shop and it feels like it still is, bright white tiled walls, the furniture was uncomfortable, wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a bar or a restaurant, to be honest it felt like neither, poncey 2/3 of a pint glasses of for beer, what's wrong with pints ffs?? The owner struts about in dungarees, and if he has the chance to check his reflection he damn well makes sure he does. Would I eat there? Never, only had crab on the menu anyway!? Would I drink there again? Never. Would I recommend it? Only to those who want to be soooo hip (like the owner thinks he is) that they want to watch the traffic go by in this rather grey and drab area of town."


TL;DR, the guy loathed the place. He hated the decor, he hated that it was too hipstery, and he especially hated the owner's "dungarees."

In response, the owner of the establishment took a screenshot of the guy's review (without blurring out his name, though, which is really kind of a dick move) and wrote on Facebook,

Thank you to Wayne S for his recent review of our lovely non-bar/restaurant.

Wayne's inspiring words have won him a place on our menu; congratulations Wayne! We are therefore proud to introduce our new cocktail, for a limited time only, "The Ponce's Dungarees"!

We hope to see you soon in our grey and drab area of town.


The owner also included a picture of the fancy new cocktail, which is blue, just like his struttin' dungarees.

Dungaree pride!