Look who just joined the unicorn food trend...cereal! The latest entry into the colorful food craze is Froot Loops and the box looks like a sparkly dream come true.

The Candy Hunting Instagram account first brought the food item to everyone’s attention. The only bummer is that the cereal is extremely limited - you can only find it in Germany. Sad face.


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Thankfully, photos and videos have landed on social media so we can get an eye on the pastel pink, purple, and yellow rings that make this cereal as magical as the mythical beast.

It’s all pretty cool, but are we the only ones slightly disappointed that it’s not more colorful...or glittery? Maybe it’s the absence of anything unicorn shaped that has us feeling a little underwhelmed?

At least there's this dope pic to color on the box:


#unicornfrootloops 🦄💜

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