People revealed their weirdest snacks and only some were gross.

People revealed their weirdest snacks and only some were gross.

We all have our fair share of strange behaviors and personality traits. Our quirks are what makes us who we are. And what is the most important of human behaviors? Snacking. (Yes, it's true. Don't bother looking it up.) So we thought, "Why not ask our readers, each beautiful and unique in their own special way, about all of the weird shit they eat that most other people would find disgusting?"

And, dear readers, you did not disappoint. Here are 12 of the weirdest snacks our readers eat (or have seen a loved one eat).

1. I think many of us would agree with Bobbi that the food combos we loved as kids are in reality pretty disgusting.

When I was a wee child, like 4-12 yrs old, haha I loved to snack on bologna and graham crackers. like, I made a sandwich outta that shit and could eat a whole package of crackers. This wasn't when they had turkey bologna. Oh no. This was the red ring shit; assholes and nodes. Yep, that was my jam. I'm a 33 year old, grown ass woman now and the thought of this snack makes me wanna gag, haha

What a great memory. Thanks for reminding me .

2. Facebook commenter Neicia takes the cake in gross childhood snacks, though.

When I was younger I used to do the grossest thing: I would sit and chew up a whole sleeve of saltine crackers. I would put them on a plate and stick them in the refrigerator. A few hours later I would go back and eat them. Super strange and I have no clue where the idea came from.

3. Some might call Caroline's friend "weird." I'd call her "resourceful."

At a bar one night with my very small friend known for her strong appetite. She expressed an urgent need for a snack. We were waiting for a bartender's attention to order more beers, he was stocking and chatting with a friend and not paying attention.

She eyes the drink garnish spread right in front of us, in one of those Jagermeister promo trays with compartments for cherries, lemons, olives, oranges and whatever else that is not liquid but makes its way into a drink. The lid was open, so she uses a sword to pick out a green olive, eats it like no big deal. Has another. Then a few oranges. A cherry.

Bartender finally comes over as she plucks another olive from the tray, looks at her like WTF? He slaps the lid shut and says "It's not a buffet, HON." She pops the olive in her mouth and says "Then can I have a beer?"

Now that I think about it, that was like PacMan in real life. What fruit can you make it to?


4. Bo's boyfriend makes a grilled cheese, minus the cheese, plus a bunch of other stuff that should never be on the same sandwich.

When it comes to weird snacks, my boyfriend takes the cake. He eats like a pregnant woman and it grosses me out. He makes a grilled cheese without cheese but with canned corn, hotdogs and mayo. Got a can of salmon in the pantry? Fuck it, he'll just throws it on there. Some tuna? Why not. Pickles? Applesauce? Beans? Sure. And not separately, noooo.... Altogheter. Basically, he throws everything canned on a slice of bread, grills it and calls it a sandwich. It smells like barf and he's proud of it. If we ever split up, it's because if that disgusting habit.


5. Is it just me or does this sound delicious? Did Sara invent my new favorite dessert?

Hi! My favorite weird snack combo for when I'm stressing about college is maple syrup, frozen cool whip and sea salted almonds. Only discovered it after craving salty-sweet combo and being a poor college student with a close to empty fridge.

6. This post may quickly turn into me just stealing our readers' snack ideas. I'm pretty sure Emily is some sort of mad genius.

Tortilla chips cannot be eaten alone, but my inevitable boredom with the mundane means repetitive dipping is totally out of the question. So, I now crush my tortilla chips into tiny crumbs and pour them into a bowl, then mix them with whatever sauce I'm feeling (sour cream, guac, queso, ranch, whatever happens to be in the 'fridge...) and eat it all with a spoon. This act of snacking has been lovingly dubbed CHIP CEREAL by my fiancé.

You're welcome. :)


7. The pregnancy cravings are real for Chablis.

I'm currently almost 5 months pregnant, and I can't stop putting salsa in my ice cream, and hot sauce in my cereal

8. ...And maybe even worse for Facebook commenter Brandee.

Dont ever doubt the cravings of a crazy pregnant lady. Just when you think it CAN NOT get any more weird,

surprise, you come up with tuna juice, pickles and hot cheeto smoothies! Guaranteed to make your loved ones barf.

9. Would you like some unblessed wine to go with those, Erin from Facebook?

I love eating communion wafers. Has to be the circle ones. I actually buy them at the local religious store just to eat. No panic, they are not blessed.


10. Kristi was only high SOME of the times she ate this.

In college I was obsessed with eating hamburger buns (or sandwich bread in a pinch) with sweet BBQ sauce and honey roasted peanuts. They had to be honey roasted. No meat, just a nut sandwich. And no, I was not high EVERY time I ate this.

11. Brendan from Facebook's dog was probably pretty mad that Brendan ate all his snacks.

Was eating a bunch of cookies while playing video games, half way through I realized they were dog biscuits. Ate the rest anyway.

12. This post was actually inspired by a Someecards staffer telling us she once ate capers from the jar, so Liz from Facebook should take comfort in knowing that she is not alone.

Capers. From the jar. With a spoon. Messaged my (then) boyfriend (a master chef contestant) who was away on business, saying: 'I think you'd better come home now'.