The Internet, including us, had a good laugh at the expense of this crazy cake yesterday.

Sometimes a picture isn't worth a thousand words explaining why this cake exists.
(via Reddit)

After the above photo was posted on Reddit, it blew up as a hilarious example of a baking tutorial gone wrong. Internet trolls everywhere had a good giggle (yes, including us, we know!) about how insane the Elsa on the right looks, comparatively. Well, turns out the joke is on us bunch of jerks!

The cake was designed by McGreevy Cakes, which does offer free tutorials online for bakers. And that is what it should look like on the left. So far, pretty close to what people guessed, except the one on the right was made by Icing Smiles, an organization that provides custom celebration treats to families dealing with critically ill children. All the bakers are volunteers and the materials are donated. That Elsa was delivered to a child who was very happy with the finished product:

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