Look, every now and then you're going to have a crappy New Year's Eve. (Just ask Mariah Carey.) One Australian woman had a particularly terrible evening this year when her gelato shop closed early on New Year's Eve, leaving her to ring in 2017 sans-gelato. The woman was so distraught by her gelato shop's betrayal, that she called and left them a savage breakup voicemail.

The shop, Gelato Messina, posted the voicemail to Facebook with the caption, "To the lady who left this on our voicemail on New Years Eve, we really are sorry and we love you too. Let's get back together?"

Desperately Seeking….Susan, Sarah…Sally?

To the lady who left this on our voicemail on New Years Eve, we really are sorry and we love you too. Let’s get back together?

Posted by Gelato Messina on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

“Are you really sorry that you’re closed at 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Are you? Because you should be," the woman said in the voicemail.

(You're never sorry, gelato!)

"My New Year’s Eve is now ruined. I had plans to buy at least a litre and a half of Messina, as I do every week, and sit on my couch, and eat it and then make New Year’s Eve resolutions to never eat it again," she continued.

(Seriously, gelato, how could you do this to her?)

But wait, there's more. The voicemail went on to say that the woman has "a serious relationship with Messina," and that the gelato had been there "through the hardest times of my life."


(Aw. It's always so devastating when love ends.)

Some Facebook commenters were skeptical as to whether the message was real or just an advertising ploy. The company was quick to assure everyone that it was, in fact, a real message.

"We promise it’s real," the shop replied to one comment. "All had a very good laugh in the office today and genuinely are curious as to who this lady is."


Something tells us this woman may come to her senses and call off the breakup. Let's just give her some time to cool off. No one can ever truly end a relationship with delicious gelato.
Sources: The Frisky