As bad as commuting is, the biggest waste of time is sitting in the driveway waiting for your windshield to defog enough that it's actually safe to drive—so YouTuber Mark Rober decided to determine through experimentation exactly what the most efficient settings are on your car's A/C to clear up the windows. You may remember Mark Rober from warmer times when he taught people how to show up to a picnic with a magical "peeled" watermelon.

Rober also reveals whether or not some common "life hacks" like shaving cream and kitty litter actually help. It should be noted that these tips are for de-fogging the inside of a windshield, not necessarily de-icing a car buried under snow. All in all, Rober claims adopting the correct method will cut your wait time in half, which could be the difference between getting a dirty look from the boss when you arrive five minutes late and giving the boss a dirty look when he's not early.

Sources: Mark Rober | h/t Digg