16 actually great Halloween costumes.

16 actually great Halloween costumes.


Cleverly Titled YouTube Video - Tomorrow he'll change it to "Hungover Guy Rushes To Drug Store to Buy Plan B"  

Let's be honest: most Halloween costumes suck. Every truly creative outfit you see this year will be buried in a boring, hackneyed sea of Banes, Honey Boo Boos, and Binders Full of Women. That's why we've saved you the trouble of putting up with your friends' crappy costumes this year by taking the few diamonds in the rough we've seen and putting them all in one convenient, non-crappy list. Now you can spend this holiday the way it was meant to be by staying indoors and cramming Fun Size Snickers into your gaping maw until you lapse into a three-day sugar coma.



TIME Magazine Breastfeeding Cover - Somehow we feel like this was his idea.



Obama "HOPE" Poster - Pretty great, but it looked a lot better to us four years ago.



Kurt CoBANE - "I am Seattle's reckoning."




The Twins From 'The Shining' - Don't go play with them.



Praying Mantis - When this guy goes into the party he can just take off the head and be "Praying Mantis after sex."



Power Loader From 'Aliens' - Fun Fact: This baby actually prefers the more subtle, nuanced terror of Ridley Scott's original film.




Dogtini - When neutering your dog isn't punishment enough.



Paul Ryan's Workout Photo - This may actually be Paul Ryan.



Stupid Sexy Flanders - Feels like she's wearing nothin' at all.



Chief Brody From 'Jaws' - "Smile, you son of a bitch." - this kid's parents




Patton Oswalt And Daughter As Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man - Even more impressive: This guy isn't actually Patton Oswalt.



Sexy Avengers - Their secret identity is "cast of Magic Mike."



Tim The Enchanter and Killer Rabbit From 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail' - This also marks the first time a Monty Python fan has been photographed with a girl.




The Leg Lamp From 'A Christmas Story' - Careful, he's fragile.



Someecard - Still our personal favorite.