The monsters who ride the Spoopy Bus need extra love and attention.

Every October, Halloween stores reanimate dead retail spaces for one purpose only: to feed on the heads of dead presidents. The problem with a bunch of zombie stores that will only be open for a month and cater to people who have no choice but to buy costumes (or risk making their kids cry/not having something to talk to Cindy about at the office party) is that all the rush leads to a lot of stupid typos that make everything look crappy instead of creepy (or, as so many stores insist on spelling it, "creppy"). Thanks to the Internet, this is no longer just something funny you point and laugh at in the store, because Tumblr loves Spoopy and Creppy typos, with one post in particular generating 30,000+ notes and setting off this new trend

Sources: Word Flesh on Tumblr | Daily Dot