Redditor BritishRacingGreen and his girlfriend dressed up as green plastic Army Men for Halloween, and as far as we can tell they've got a pretty firm lock on winning Halloween '13. Despite his reddit name, BritishArmyGreen and his lady took these pictures in San Francisco, where not only transit workers but SFPD officers asked them to stop and take pictures. You can see the whole preparation process here and see more photos from their night out here, but suffice it to say that creating the outfits took 8 cans of primer and 6 cans of green paint just for one of the suits. As you might guess, dousing a pair of heavy overalls in that much primer and paint made them very stiff, with BritishRacingGreen saying his arms were cut up afterwards from bending the stiff fabric and that taking a pee was "a military-grade challenge."

Sources: redditor BritishRacingGreen