We have all faked an illness at some point in our lives, but probably not as masterfully as Reddit user Oblodo, who so convincingly displayed fake stomach pains that doctors performed an appendectomy. He chronicled the entire weird saga on the "Today I F*cked Up" subreddit. Although technically he did not f*ck up today (the operation took place 31 years ago), he does have a scar to remind him of his stupidity daily.

Back in 1985 I had just returned from the US as an AFS student. After school was out for the summer, I had no real plans, and had not a lot of money. I found this interesting advert in a newspaper for a youth camp in DDR in East-Berlin. It said, work 2 weeks of solidarity work with students and have one week of bathing vacation by the Baltic Sea, for a small sum of about $100.

It was organized by the Friendship organization Norway-DDR. I got excited and wanted to see the other side of the iron curtain, since I had just spent one year in USA. It never hurt to see the world, and DDR was not a typical tourists place one could say. I signed up. We were traveling by train, and I was the only boy in a group of 10 people. It was me, and 9 girls. We also had an adult chaperone who was a teacher at a high school and in his 50s.