I just love that fresh feeling of waking up in the morning and spraying bacteria all over my body.

Twelve years ago, chemical engineer Dave Whitlock went all Mad Max and stopped showering (it's unclear to me if he also started racing around in a souped-up desert deathmobile at that time; they don't cover that in the news story above). Instead, Whitlock began spraying himself with a custom live-bacteria cocktail that "restores good bacteria" to the skin, which, he claims, frequent showers strip away.

Now Whitlock's company, Aobiome, has launched a line of products called Mother Dirt, so you can also enjoy a refreshing bacterial spray down. Mother Dirt's product line includes a combination of live-bacteria sprays and cleansing products like shampoo that don't contain the good bacteria, but don't hurt it either. Personally, I love the idea of a product that can replace showers, and I'm super excited to share a sexy couple's bacterial spray with my boyfriend.

Sources: h/t BoingBoing