By the time Fran Drozdz, a 72-year-old cancer survivor, crossed the Boston Marathon finish line, workers and cleaning crews were already disassembling the grandstand. It took her over nine hours to complete the 26.2 mile long race, and her husband said he was so worried about her that he had the police out looking for her.

Her husband eventually found her at the ended of the race and walked hand in hand with her over the finish line. Said her husband, "She's 72 years old and she's done 77 marathons. I am one year older and I've done no marathons, so of course I'm proud of her!"


The next-to-last runner, a double amputee named Daryl Farler, finished the marathon over three hours ahead of Fran. 

Drozdz, who also goes by the name "Thunder Thighs," came to the Boston Marathon all the way from Arizona, where she currently resides. She was running for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and in honor of her husband, who is battling cancer for the third time. Thunder Thighs claims that she has run at least one marathon in every state including Washington D.C. This year's Boston Marathon was her seventy-seventh race.


As she was receiving her medal, she explained "I get a medal? Oh yay, for my husband!" 

She may have placed 26,639th in the race, but she's clearly first place in your hearts.

Sources: The Kansas City Star