The internet applauds this brave cancer patient for showing off her mastectomy scars.

The internet applauds this brave cancer patient for showing off her mastectomy scars.

An anonymous woman going only by the username poopies_monkey, bravely posted before and after pictures of her double mastectomy on Reddit. She titled the post "NSFW Going from Ds to 0, grateful to be alive!" (From Ds to 0 refers to her bra cup size.) Despite this terrible misfortune, she's optimistic and still hilarious.


Along with the picture showing her scars, she added some information about her diagnosis, writing,

Diagnosed stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Underwent bilateral mastectomy and lymph node removal. Unfortunately, cancer had already spread to multiple places in the spine, tailbone, hips, femurs, and skull...NO ORGANS! Just entered my 18th cycle/month in a clinical trial and doing great. Fuck cancer!

Thanks for the kind words!

To answer some of the questions...

I am not going to get breast implants. I'm still going through treatment and they could hinder my immune response/healing. I was diagnosed at age 35.

I'd make for a great zombie on The Walking Dead... 😉

In the comments below her post, she went into further detail about her condition. She explained that "There was too much metastasis to do traditional chemo and radiation. Clinical trial was the best decision."

When asked how the cancer was found, she wrote,

As a women you are constantly told to feel for lumps, laying down, in the shower...and the pamphlets illustrations are pretty funny. I go for a yearly exam and brought it up with my Dr. He sent me to get imaging. The radiologist documented the lump but said they were probably just cysts. A year later...back at my primary Dr, same deal...more images. Those looked suspicious to a different radiologist so they did a biopsy...confirmed. The way to save lives...GET A SECOND OPINION! The cancer had a year to grow and spread even further. My type of cancer is considered terminal but I AM GOING TO LIVE.


She described the lump by writing, "Imagine a lump with thick webbing surrounding it...and kind of felt like pushing on a grape...the density." When asked how her chest feels now, she said, "I know it's hard to see in the pic, but my sternum protrudes out further than my holes (I call them 'holes'). It feels incredibly weird to feel your ribs directly. Due to all the nerves being cut, I have no feeling there. It feels sort of numb, same for my arm pits..." The upside, though? She says, "IM NOW IMMUNE TO THE TICKLE BUG."


Well, that's one silver lining. The other, according to the woman, is that "It's awesome never having to wear a bra."

Best of luck on your road to recover, anonymous poopies_monkey!