6 things that can supposedly wake you up just as well as coffee.

6 things that can supposedly wake you up just as well as coffee.

Cutting back on coffee is one of those things people often say they’re going to do, until they realize it’s really hard. It's difficult to give up caffeine because it gives you energy and also, it’s incredibly addictive. Nevertheless, if your heart is just beating too damn fast and you’re spending $30 a day at Starbucks, here are some alternatives to caffeine that may actually provide a similar kick, according to eggheads. Good luck.

1. Apples (the kind that keep the doctor away).

Doesn't taste one bit like Apple Jacks.

Sugar is caffeine for children, but like caffeine, too much of it is bad for everybody. An apple strikes a happy medium. There’s just enough sugar content to stabilize your blood sugar level—providing a feeling similar to a caffeine jolt—but not enough to create a huge blood sugar spike that will lead to an inevitable crash.

2. Cold water. So very very cold.

This is just really early coffee.

Many people are so dehydrated that a portion of coffee’s rejuvenating properties just result from getting some much-needed water into their systems. So, instead of coffee for an energy boost, you could drink a glass of water—very cold water—with ice in it. Water that cold shocks the body, increasing adrenaline production then blood flow to the brain—which is what caffeine does.

3. Essential oils, whatever those are.

Slightly less expensive than, well, coffee.

Think coffee is essential? These things have "essential" in their name. Rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil on your temples or just below your nose has been shown to provide a small recharge.

4. Poking yourself.

Slightly better than gas station coffee.

Some studies have shown that self-acupressure can wake you the hell up. This isn’t sticking needles into yourself—it refers to utilizing and hitting pressure points. These are the points to locate: the top of the head, top of the back of the neck (both sides), just below the ball of the foot, right under the center of the kneecap, and that flap on your hand where the thumb and index finger meet. Gently press down with a finger on each of these pressure points for three minutes each (or as many as you’ve got time for) and feel yourself emerge from the fog, probably.


5. Eating like the hippies eat.

Better than a steak and coffee

You could probably stand to eat better anyway. Caffeine in coffee and energy drinks provide a temporary solution to a bigger problem: a lack of nutrients to keep you going all day. Experts say that eating more low-glycemic, high-fiber foods like quinoa and lentils will lessen your need for coffee.


6. Posing like a fish.

The energizing power of yoga.

The Matsyasana, or “fish,” is a yoga pose said to stimulate the body into a state of alertness and concentration. Here’s how to do it: lie flat on your back with your hands under your hips. While you do it, lift up your chest and slowly tilt your head back. Notice how much you feel like a fish.