Advertising compiled information on how Americans drink, and the results are surprising.

The redder the state, the redder the faces. (via Detox)

If it ever seems like everyone you know is drunk all the time, it might not be your imagination. If you live in Wisconsin, it's probably true.

This map comes from, a website for addiction resources. Detox took a bunch of data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and compiled it into a variety of easy-to-read maps and charts. The results are eye-opening. It turns out that Wisconsin is the heaviest-drinking state in the Union, followed closely by most of New England. The fewest drinkers are found in Utah, which is no surprise (Mormons). After that, all of the least-drinking states are in the South, which might come as a shock to some Northerners who think of all Southerners as drunken hillbillies. It turns out that many more of them are clean-living Dixie gentlefolk.