By the time doctors stopped dismissing Bronte Doyne's concerns about her health, it was too late.

Bronte Doyne. (via Facebook)

Bronte Doyne was 19 when she died on March 23, 2013. Only 16 months before, the Nottingham, UK teenager had complained about severe stomach pains. But her doctors wouldn't take her claims seriously.

Initially, she was diagnosed with appendicitis. Eventually, that diagnosis changed. It turned out she was afflicted with fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, an extremely rare cancer that only affects 200 people a year in the entire world.

Doctors operated, and told Bronte that she would be fine. That didn't put her mind at ease. She researched her disease online, and found that it had a high rate of recurrence. She brought this up to her doctors at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, who dismissed it. They told her to "stop Googling" her symptoms. In one case, she was denied treatment at a hospital, even though she was there on her general practitioner's recommendation. She wrote in her diary:

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