Dr. Pimple Popper and her participating patient had the classiest conversation in the midst of a gooey activity. Our dermatological superhero, Dr. Sandra Lee, sat with a man facing consequences for sitting out in the sun: "Favre-Rachouchot type" blackheads.

These fancy, French-sounding blackheads gather along the eyes and upper cheekbone area, and as Dr. PP explains, "can also occur due to excessive and cumulative sun exposure to the skin, which is why you can see them on the face of older people who don’t have active acne."


The conversation is an interesting companion to the squeezing and poking. Dr. Pimple popper, the patient, and his wife have a charming conversation that covers everything from golf clubs, magic rakes, and Amazon's Alexa.

Come for the extraction, stay for the conversation.

You'll want to call your grandparents after and tell them you love them.