14 people who thought Facebook was WebMD.

14 people who thought Facebook was WebMD.

Facebook is a place where you can talk to your friends about anything. You can even use it to describe your medical ailments in excruciating detail. But why would you do that? Nobody wants to hear about that stuff. Here are 14 people who didn't think better of it, with disgusting results:

1. This one tracts.

Her doctor? G.I. Joe.

2. Kneed to know basis.

Welcome to the bone zone.

3. Sounds like a magical night.

It means seven years bad luck.

4. Private parts, public message.

Sponsored post.

5. This is a test.

"See other side."

6. You gotta be kidneying me.

So stoned right now.

7. Be more tolerant.

It's so easy to forget things like that.

8. Who nose?

Snot a big deal.

9. So corny.

It'll be in 3-D by then.

10. Let's not be rash.

It's gonna be a bumpy night.

11. Not to get all syrupy.

Who wants pancakes?

12. Too late.

"Or whatever."

13. Just like parasite.

How big is "gigantic"?

14. New year, new crabs.

Good luck breakin' 'em in.