Orlando woman Jessica Pack got really into fitness last June when she saw a picture of herself where she thought she looked like a "whale" (ugh, harsh) and decided she needed a change in her life. She started Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body and began to record her progress on Instagram, under the (awesome) username plankingforpizza.

[1 of 2] #MyHealthStory is a battle of my mind. For pretty much my whole life I've thought: "You're not pretty enough" "No amount of exercise will fix your face" "You're gross" "If only you lost weight you'd be attractive and love able" "Everyone is prettier than you because you're legs are disgusting, butt is too big, and tummy jiggles" "Your bacne is repulsive" Even the thoughts that raced through my mind while trying to find the right picture for this post (because there are many) were all negative. The criticism is a daily struggle. I've never physically harmed myself, but my self inflicted emotional suffering lead to compulsive eating and social anxieties. There are many factors that have contributed to this that are far too in depth to describe here. Simply know it exists. Because I've never been confident in my looks, Ive always placed a higher value on my talents, intelligence, kindness, etc. because I feel like my traits are what make me, me. So last year when I felt talentless, unworthy, unsuccessful, because of certain circumstances, I became lost. I lost every notion of who I thought I was. I had just turned 25 and began to drink for the first time. I avoided alcohol prior to then because in college I went through a really tough time with a family member battling alcoholism. But I still drank. I did it to feel something... different. But it only made me feel more lost and not like myself. It got a little out of control and my self esteem was at an all time low... To be continued

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Pack (who really should consider changing her middle name to "Six" because those abs are sick) now has over 50,000 Instagram followers, although she told BuzzFeed she was never in it for the followers. Her plan was just to "document [her] fitness journey and remain accountable to [her] goals by being vulnerable and putting [herself] out there.” But with a username like "plankingforpizza" how could you not follow?