The gym can be an intimidating place, what with all the grunting, weight dropping, and people who actually have the discipline to follow through on their commitments to get in shape. That said, not everything you see at your local health club will make you feel inadequate as a human being. In fact, certain strange sightings can make you feel downright superior. Here are some examples of enjoyable ridiculousness to serve as your incentive to get back in the gym, if for no other reason than to laugh at others. 

1. For some reason, this guy's silhouette never made it into one of those old iPod commercials.


2. Conan the gymbarian says: "Don't dress for the muscles you have. Dress for the muscles you want."

3. Here's some intentional humor from famed prankster Obvious Plant.

4. This guy tried to make his own OK Go video. It went...OK.

5. This poor fellow's identity is protected by the extremely low resolution of this Vine.

6. It's not enough to just confuse your muscles. You have to also confuse everyone around you.

7. They said Skeletor was too bony to twerk. He decided to prove them wrong.

8. This woman is 99 years old and she makes you look like a total loser.

9. Turn. The. Treadmill. Off. Before. The. Next. Person. Gets. On.

10. This guy seems to be trying to be funny on purpose. Hopefully that's true.

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11. There's nothing wrong with eating pizza or joining a gym that gives you free pizza, but working out while pizza-ing seems like a little much.

12. Batman fights his most nefarious adversary yet: belly fat.

13. Apparently this guy is famous at his gym for...this. And for loudly singing while wearing headphones.


14. It would be unkind to describe this man's technique as "methed-out dolphin." It would not be inaccurate, however.

15. Making it to the gym is half the battle. It should be noted, though, that if you only fight half a battle, you still lose.

16. This is incredibly, dangerously, impressive.

17. Work those elbow muscles, bro.


18. On the plus side, this woman probably found out she's way more flexible than she ever thought.

19. OK, y'know what? This is just fantastic.

20. Minimum effort, maximum douche (bonus points for having a StarTac, though. #TBT).

21. All jokes aside, this last one pretty much sums the attitude you should have to anyone who judges you at the gym—and this guy clearly knows how to work out.

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