Elders are a real source of wisdom and knowledge, and they can provide younger generations with insight that only comes with age and experience. On the other hand, they sometimes can leave you with more questions than answers. Reddit user chasing_D texted their grandma to tell her about a chipped tooth, and she provided some unsolicited butt head scratching advice.


Here is a list of things that this grandma should discuss instead of rectal itching:

  1. Politics 
  2. How her perennials are doing
  3. A detailed description of her bunions
  4. How much she hates your significant other
  5. The cats that live under her deck
  6. Religion 
  7. How her generation did things so much better
  8. Her recall all her favorite episodes of Monk in excruciating detail 
  9. Soup
  10. Literally anything else in the entire world 

It'll probably be hard for chasing_D to look at their grandmother or pumpkin seeds the same way ever again.

Sources: Reddit