An xoJane author who goes by the pen name "Lola Jane" has recounted the harrowing true story of how she got a formal rejection letter from her gynecologist over her conduct during an appointment. In her article, she describes tense interactions she had with both the receptionist and OB/GYN, as well as a pointed letter she sent after the encounter. Whether you sympathize with her or with the doctor will say more about you than it does about the story.

It started when Jane was asked by a receptionist to fill out the standard forms before her appointment. She refused to specify her marital status or whether she uses a car seatbelt, because she felt those were private issues not relevant to her care (seatbelt use is deeply personal). When the receptionist asked her about the blank spaces on her form, she stated that she wasn't going to fill them in. Once she was admitted to the examination room, she complained that the robe she was provided didn't fit her, but was told that was the only size. But it wasn't until the doctor came in that things got really tense.

Sources: xoJane