Holistic? More like holy-sh*it-now-my-heart-has-a-tic. Ok, that was a bit of a reach, but you get my point.

Pills from the rare Junkie Bush of the Southwest. (stock image)

Yuuup. In the ever-expanding annals of the journal Everything Is Bullsh*t And Nobody Is Stopping It (not a real scientific journal) comes this exciting new development: herbal weight-loss supplements contain not-herbal amphetamines that can only be manufactured in labs and have never been tested for safety in humans.

Actually, the real journal this was published in was Drug Testing and Analysis, and they found that more than half of 21 supplements touting the benefits of Acacia rigidula as a weight-loss cure contained ß-methylphenylethylamine (BMPEA). If the gobbledygook nature of that chemical name tells you anything, it's that it is not derived from an acacia shrub species native to the American Southwest.

Sources: The Daily Beast