I had to take Plan B, and it turned me into an emotional disaster.

"Look at that cute dog." (via Thinkstock)

Plan B is what you take when your primary method of birth control fails, which we all know means BREAKS. It's when you put your trust in a piece of latex, and that trust is SHATTERED. That being said, I am very glad Plan B exists, and I know how lucky our generation is to have this critical medication so readily available. So I took it, and within 16 hours I was crying about literally everything. And I kept crying for a whole week.

Here's the thing: I'm already an emotional person (one time I cried at an Inside Amy Schumer sketch whose truthful comedy hit too close to home), so crying a couple times a week isn't out of the ordinary, but crying five times a day is out of the ordinary. I had to assume it was a side effect of the medicine I had just taken to ensure I didn't get pregnant with a baby fathered by a man with multiple Lord of the Rings tattoos.