At first, he was all like [wheelchair emoji], but now he's all like [hiking emoji].

Take the blue pill, go to sleep. Take the red pill, come to wonderland. Take the gold pill, you can finally live your life without crippling pain.

Coltyn Turner, 15, has been suffering from Crohn's disease since it was triggered by a bacterial infection at age 11. Crohn's is a chronic disease with a strong hereditary component where the immune system attacks the patient's intestines. It varies from individual to individual, but it can cause digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and for some reason eye and skin inflammation because our bodies are weird and poorly understood. Mostly, it causes pain.

Coltyn's parents became increasingly desperate for new treatment after, as he says, "I was just on every pharmaceutical there was out there until I would up in a wheelchair." Said his mother Wendy, "He got sick and we had no other options." So, they moved to Colorado to try the only medicine that people are fairly sure is effective: cannabis oil. "We thought, 'Well, why not try?' And it worked," said Wendy.

Sources: CBS