This episode could have been called Last 40 Years Of Health Care Tonight.

Ah, John Oliver. I missed you and your long-form investigational exposés. I didn't necessarily miss the feelings of unease, hopelessness and general wrongness that I got from watching this explanation of just how a third of a trillion dollars' worth of pills end up inside Americans every year, but boy do I love feeling outraged, especially when it's backed up by research.

Long story short, as mind-boggling as the $4 billion a year Big Pharma spends marketing to normal humans, the $24 billion a year they spend promoting drugs (aka wining, dining, and bribing) to doctors is ludicrous. Even though every single company has been forced to pay multi-billion-dollar fines, those penalties are a drop in the bucket compared to the profits made from encouraging doctors to over-prescribe Americans, particularly in "off-label" prescriptions that don't match the purposes for which the drug was approved.

Sources: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver