On last night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took nearly a half hour out of his show to explain a thing that—for the love of God and all that is holy—should by all rights not need to be explained anymore: the fact that vaccines do not, for any reason, cause autism.

Of course, that does need to be explained, because we have a president who thinks vaccines cause autism:


President Trump is being helped in his efforts by Robert Kennedy, Jr, someone who opposes him on everything other issue. The two are currently talking about him heading up a "vaccine safety commission." Despite, you know, not being actuals scientist or anything.

Very importantly, John Oliver notes that the idea some people (like our president) have, that vaccines could be "safer" if spread out longer at a different schedule than the CDC recommends, is also bullshit, and far less effective than taking them at the recommended schedule. Because that schedule was developed that way for a reason.


Oliver also points out that Thimerosol, the "mercury" that is in some vaccines is not the same "mercury" that is in fish, and also that Thimerosol is not even in vaccines given to infants anymore. Not because it's dangerous or because it "causes autism"—but in order to soothe people who think that it does, and hopefully get them to immunize their children so they don't get measles, which can cause blindness and even death.

The unfortunate thing here, of course, is that people like me (and hopefully you), who believe in vaccinations are going to cheer throughout this whole segment. Meanwhile, the anti-vaxxers—those who need to understand this information the most—are either going to ignore it, or just convince themselves that John Oliver is lying, and/or in the pockets of Big Pharma. Somehow.

What it may do, hopefully, is prevent anyone else from jumping on this train, and if it does, then that 27 minutes is worth it.

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