Left-handed people share the many unacknowledged ways their backwards lives are more difficult.

Left-handed people share the many unacknowledged ways their backwards lives are more difficult.

Left-handed people are just like the rest of us—they just do everything with their left hand for some reason. Because it "feels right," they say. Well, who are we to judge? Also, it's apparently pretty hard having a dominant left hand in a world set up almost entirely for right-handers. Some frustrated left-handers recently went on Reddit to talk about the daily struggles of being a southpaw.


1. Those little half-desk things in high school and college are uncomfortable and difficult for right-handers, and they're even worse for lefties, says NinjaNanoBot.

The right handed writing tables. So hard to place your left hand when writing. Worst thing is that left handed tables are rarely found anywhere. My college doesn't have any :(

2. User throawayallday88100 blows up your theory that lefties sit at the end of a table because they're shifty and may need to make a quick exit.

Fucking eating in large groups. I always need to sit at the edge of the table so nobody sits next to me. Or else our elbows would hit all the time.

3. Fortunately LonrSpankster typed this so we can actually read it.

Don't know if this applies for all lefties, but having to write a lot. Back in high school / college when I'd have to take lots of notes, by the end of class, the entire side of my hand would be covered in pencil lead or ink from my pen.


4. This one from veetack cuts deep. (Scissors are oriented for right hands, you see.)

the handles are designed so that the right hand fits in them comfortably, but the left sits on a hard, narrow edge. Have you ever had your hand hurt after cuting something for a bit of time? Also, they're made so the natural pressure of the right hand pushes the blade together, creating a more precise cut. Have you ever noticed sometimes when you're cutting with your left hand how the paper folds up in between the blades? That's because the natural pressure from the left hand pulls the blades apart ever so slightly.

5. If, like hagerty9009, you ask somebody at Home Depot for a left-handed chainsaw, you'll definitely wind up on some kind of list.

Motherfucking chainsaws. They are incredibly dangerous if not operated properly, and to operate one properly your grip only feels natural if you are right-handed. And as far as I know, there are no left-handed chainsaws in production.


6. I hope Notbob1234 has a patient cat.

Can-openers. They open on the wrong side and you have to do this weird cross-arm thing to work them.


7. TacticalVegas can finally provide a reason for why those chip-reader things at the store are cool.

Trying to swipe a credit card. It's the awkward motion that 50% of the time it doesn't read it. The chip thing is actually the best thing to happen to me. It's perfectly in the middle for me and I never complain about it taking too long.

8. It's bad on the other side of the register, too, so says shitpost-scrub.

Working a register at my second job. The POS touchscreen, price scanner, security tag remover, and bag rack are ALL on the right side. So I either have to use things right-handed or stand at an awkward angle all day.


9. Or this left-handed Redditor with an unpublishable user name could be like left-handed guitarist Jimi Hendrix and play his guitar upside-down.

Guitars. I walk into a shop and they have 1000s of righties and 3 left handed guitars that are shit


10. ProfessorScrappy wears his watch upside-down. Like Jimi Hendrix!

Wearing watches designed for righties

11. Poor lefties like Back2Bach are being denied the right to waste their money!

The pull-levers on slot machines are always on the right side.

12. The only way it's worse is if you're left-handed, like bobojcd.

Stick shift


13. You know what's not "big in Japan," according to ext23? Having a dominant left hand.

I live in Japan. You want anything left-handed? Good fucking luck.

Golf clubs? Sorry we'll have to get a set custom made for you, that'll be a billion dollars thanks.

BYO golf clubs? Jokes on you, because the driving range only has a tiny patch of fake grass to hit off from and yep, it's on the right hand side.

Batting cages at amusement centres? You'd better be right handed or that ball is gonna get you right in the gut.

14. MooCowDivebomb uses a fork and knife to eat their meals, like they're some kind of fancy, left-handed millionaire.

Silverware placement. I have to flip it all around. This gets more extreme in some cultures (Japanese) where side dishes are served in bowls and I have to swap those too. On the occasional where I forget to swap the silverware around I'll actually pick up a fork and knife and become disoriented.