The subreddit TIFU, or "Today I F*cked Up," lets you enjoy a little schadenfreude at the expense of the poor people who do really stupid things then write about them on the internet. The subreddit has brought readers many legendary tales, but if there was barometer for how badly you could f*ck up, this story submitted by EvilFireblade would probably break it. It involves Nair, balls, and allusions to Cthulhu poking your junk with a "flaming iron bar." So yeah, it's a good one. EvilFireblade wrote:

So today I fucked up. Tomorrow is our 10-year Anniversary night. We've dumped the kids off at Mom's and tomorrow we're heading back to England for a week. She's British, wants to spend a week in England. Cool.

The wife has meticulously womanscaped her area for me I know, because that's the only time she takes 2 hour long showers. So I think to myself... well.. Maybe I'll return the favor.