Just when I was about to have another panic attack about the robot apocalypse, this exoskeleton helped Christopher Capps, a quadriplegic living in the UK, walk for the first time in over a decade.

Christopher Capps posted this video to YouTube with the caption "Me walking in an 'EKSO' exoskeleton with 2 physios from More Rehab in Sheffield, UK. I am tetraplegic and haven't walked for 11 years after a spinal cord injury." Tetraplegic is what the Brits say instead of quadriplegic, because they're too fancy to mix a Greek suffix like "-plegia" with the Latin prefix "quad." All in all, this is pretty amazing stuff. We were promised this for a long time, and although we got a lot of terrifying military robots first, I'm glad this technology is finally providing the solutions it originally promised.

Sources: Christopher Capps