When Kiersten Miles started nannying for little Talia Rosko, she probably didn't expect to be giving the baby girl part of her own liver. But just three weeks into her new job, that's exactly what she decided to do.

Talia had a rare, life-threatening liver disease that caused her liver's central bile duct to be destroyed and bile to build up in her liver. Some doctors predicted she might not live past her second birthday.

But, luckily, Miles decided to step in and help. Last month, the nanny donated a portion of her liver to Talia, a decision which the Rosko family says saved their daughter's life.


“Especially for a baby who can’t really ask for help, it didn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice,” Miles told The Washington Post, “because I’d be saving a life.”

After talking to her own mother and to Talia's parents, Miles spent the next few months undergoing evaluations to see if she would be a good match for Talia. When she found out she was an eligible donor, she made what Farra Rosko calls a "surreal" sacrifice.


“I was very taken aback,” Talia's mother Farra Rosko told The Post. “I didn’t know that she was this selfless — I’ve come to find out that this is who she is. She really is an angel on earth; I know that sounds silly, but she really is.”

On January 11, medical teams removed part of Miles' liver and rushed to implant it into Talia. The nanny said the first time she saw Talia after the surgery, "It just reminded me why I did it all."

After news of the donation spread, Miles was overwhelmed with positive messages. She took to Facebook to thank everyone for their support.


I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support I've received over the past few weeks and continue to receive. So...

Posted by Kiersten Miles on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Talia's mom says that she'll be able to taper off medications over the next year, but will probably have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life. Either way, her life has been saved, all thanks to her very generous nanny.

Yay for happy endings!