When she was 24-years-old, Kayla Hurley was kicked off a roller coaster for being too heavy, at 357 pounds. This was her wake-up call, and two years later, she has lost 193 lbs. She shared the incredible before-and-after pics on Imgur:

Wow! As healthy and great as she looks, she also wanted to keep it real about the "ugly" (her word) reality of extreme weight loss.

"Okay well a lot of you know that I lost 193 lbs over the span of 2 years and most of you asked the question 90% of people ask when they find out how much I've lost," she wrote.


That question is apparently: "what's the loose skin like?"

So she shared some photos:

"Here it is, it's ugly but it's the reality of massive weight-loss. Loose skin," she wrote. "I mainly have it around my abdomen but I also have it around my upper chest and arms."

Hurley explained that "there are certain things I can and cannot wear" and that she has to work hard to keep it clean to prevent infections. She added that her loose skin "really has an impact on my self confidence and how I see myself."


Despite her workouts, she said the skin "will never be completely gone without surgical intervention" (more info on that here, if you're curious). People on Imgur were super supportive, and encouraged her to set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the surgery to get the loose skin removed.

But either way, she says it's been worth it to lose the weight. "I wouldn't change anything," she wrote. "I would take yards and yards of loose skin over being the unhealthy and depressed person I was 2 years ago!"

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