Over a weekend in May, the internet blew up over a frightful video of a girl getting snatched by a sea lion and dragged into the water off a dock in Canada. Now, reports of a "hazardous infection" called "seal finger" are making the collective heart of the internet skip another beat.

As initial news that everyone walked away from the incident uninjured reached Twitter, most of the internet felt comfortable making light-hearted jokes and memes out of the striking incident.


"Harambe," "this is so me," and "United Airlines LOL" took over for the day.

But not everyone was joking about it. According to the BBC, a staff member at the Vancouver Aquarium gave an interview regarding the sea lion attack, urging the family to get in touch so they could treat the little girl for a condition known as "seal finger."


Apparently, seals and sea lions carry harmful bacteria in their mouths. It can cause an infection if the animal breaks the skin, which the BBC describes as a "painful and potentially serious condition" that causes cellulitis and joint inflammation.

If untreated, according to ABC News, it can even lead to the "loss of fingers or limbs."

This isn't so funny anymore, right?


Fortunately for everyone who's now feeling bad about laughing at the incident, the family got in touch with the Vancouver Aquarium after hearing from their staff in interviews, and is now getting treatment, according to NBC News. BBC reports that the girl indeed suffered a four inch wound from the sea lion's bite.

The little girl's father also spoke out in an interview with the CBC, praising her grandfather for jumping so quickly to the rescue.

"We didn't expect the video to go viral," he added, saying the family is "quite disturbed by it."


In the end though, the Vancouver family is just glad that their little girl is safe—and getting the necessary medical attention.

"I could have gone organizing a funeral by now rather than doing interview."