Dr. Farid Fata deliberately misdiagnosed patients so he could profit by giving them unnecessary chemotherapy.

Here's a disgusting story to get your week off to a depressing start. A Michigan oncologist will be sentenced this week in what U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade called "the most egregious case of health care fraud I have ever seen."

Over a ten-year period, Dr. Farid Fata misdiagnosed hundreds of patients with cancer in order to defraud both them and the Medicare system. In the process, he made millions of dollars and hurt many families, growing his practice from a one-doctor office to a statewide medical empire of evil. That practice, by the way, currently has a generous 1.2 star rating on Google Plus. Fata pushed intense chemotherapy and radiation programs onto healthy patients, causing severe side effects. Some patients lost their teeth or limbs. Some even died. Meanwhile, Fata used aggressive and manipulative tactics to ensure they would keep paying him. Prosecutors wrote,

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